Installation of the AROBASE fonts

In order to view Phondot encoded material it is necessary that the special AROBASE type-fonts are properly installed in the computer’s type-font section. (Copy and print out the following instructions before downloading the fonts.)     


Instructions for installing type fonts:


Most computer installations have available an unzipping facility which appears when the fonts have been downloaded. It will ask if the zip files should be opened (say yes), then asks where the files should be stored.  In Windows it is most convenient to specify the ‘my documents’ folder. (Note: Mac users should use StuffIt rather than WinZip.)


After the fonts have been successfully downloaded into the ‘my documents’ folder:


Key the ‘start’ button and then the ‘control panel’ button.  Next key ‘fonts’.  A list of fonts will appear.  Key ‘file’ then ‘install new fonts’.  A page will appear which allows the user to specify the path to ‘my documents’:  Double-key c:\, then Documents and Settings, then Owner, then My Documents.  When this is done all eight of the  AROBASE fonts will be shown by name.  Highlight the eight AROBASE fonts by keying them while holding down the control key. Make sure the box entitled: Copy fonts to Fonts folder is checked.  Key ‘OK’.  The new fonts will appear in the fonts list.


It should be noted that the eight AROBASE fonts occupy very little computer memory space.  They have been reduced to just the necessary letters for their purpose.

If the AROBASE fonts have been installed in a teacher's computer she may for special purposes produce her own Phondot marked text, though this activity is not a suggested part of the Primer.  In the case of ‘Word for Windows’ the AROBASE fonts may be dragged from a list of fonts into the upper tool bar, where they are very easily accessed for manual marking of English text.  Manual marking can be done at a rate of about five words per minute but with the availability of the Phondot Converter there is no necessity for more than a minimum marking for special purposes.

To download the fonts, key the following: