bobdot -- with primary stress marking February 20, 2005 bobdotnu


b c d f g h j k l m n ng (sing) nk (ink) p r s t v w y z

wh, ch, sh, t/th, zh -- when, chip, ship, tink, then, mezhur


a e i o u -- impakt, contekst, orbit, padlok, chestnut,


pat, pet, pit, pot, pup (stress marks not required in single syllable words)


-- enct, inpt, mt, impsubul, ubt -- (stressed short vowel)


schwa -- (unstressed brief sound of 'u') simpul, ubt, posubul


-- pl, m, m, g, kl

-- Sund, hardl, midnt, pl, int (unstressed long vowel)


'aw' as in outlaw,

stressed: 'w' (unlwful, bcwz)


'' as in lk, wd, cd, shd unckt, pr, tr, kyrus

unstressed '' = eu: inpeut, outpeut, trpeut


'ou' (o + ) as in out, mound, (not used at end of word or preceding

a vowel letter)

'ow' (o + ) at end of word or preceding a vowel letter (cow, powur)

stressed: 'u/w' (undutedl, ulw)


'oi' (aw + ) as in oil, boil, (not used at end of word or preceding

a vowel letter)

'oy' (aw + ) at end of word or preceding a vowel letter (boy, royul)

stressed: 'i/y' (unid, uny)


(1) 'a' which precedes 'r' or 'h' = 'o' (car, Panumah)

stressed: incrsurt

(2) 'o' which precedes 'r' = 'aw' (or, for)

stressed: bfr

(3) 'ur' = sound in prospur, muthur, inturn, mlur

stressed: imprvus, ulrt, unpurtrb, urjunt

(4) 'er' = sound in soliter

stressed: intrugt, imprd, er, ver, kerful, perut, cherish

(5) 'c' is used before 'a', 'o', or 'u' (marked or unmarked) for the

sound in 'cat' (cap, cop, cut). 'k' is used in all other places for

this sound. (kis, kin, kwik)

(6) Where 'n' has the sound in 'sing' the 'n' will be marked, except

in the case of an only or final syllable of a word where the 'n' is

followed by 'g'. Therefore: sing, siing, ding, haing, haur,

agur, angst, lawng, hangd


(7) Where 'nk' or 'nc' has the sound in 'pink' or 'anchor' the 'n'

will be marked, except in the case where the 'nk' occurs in an only

or final syllable of a word. Therefore: pink, rank, piking,

raking, Icuh, acur

(8) Where an initial 'ur' precedes a vowel the 'u' will be

sounded as a separate syllable (urv, urz).

(9) 'uh' indicates the 'u' sound at the end of a word or a syllable,

(tnuh, duh, huhrs)

(10) sight words: I a the



Rules for noting which syllable has the primary stress:


(1) In a word which has no marked vowels stress is on the first or only syllable.

humdrum, pat, cat, akshun, undur, pursun


(2) In a multi-syllable word with no vowel markings other than accent grave the stress is on the first syllable.

simpl, amplif, banj


(3) In any word a syllable containing is stressed

lk, unckt, ck, pl, wd, impyr


(4) In a multi-syllable word with two or more marked vowels but none with a circumflex the stress is on the vowel containing the accent acute or the dieresis.

impl, convursshun, impursptubl, kagur

tn, dsdedl, stshun, insht





----- ------ ----- ------

It wuz on the furst d uv the n yir that the ununsment wuz md,

wlmst smultnusl frum tr ubzrvutorz, that the mshun uv the

planet Nptn, the uturmst uv awl the planets that whl ubut the

sun, had bcm ver irtik. A rtardshun in its velsit had bin

suspkted in Dsmbur. Then, a fnt, rmt spek uv lt wuz

discvurd in the rjun uv the purtrbd planet. At furst this did

not cawz n ver grt ekstment. Sentfik ppul, howvur, found

the intlijuns rmrkubul nf, vun bfr it bcm nn that the n

bd wuz rpidl gring larjur and brtur, and that its mshun wuz

kwt difurent frum the rdurl progres uv the planets.

-------- ----- ------ ---


The Late Arrival Story

Bob strld up the path. H wuz lt and wuz cunsduring hiz alib. H lisund t the uthur carz in the strt, heding hm. The dawg, with paw rzd, grted him at the dor. Mol cd awlwz tel when h urvd. Sh wuz a ftful krchur, and the sensitvit uv that nz wuz not a mit. The hous wuz kwet. H lkt down at the vnul tl. It cd stand sum polish but h wd rzst the impuls t cumpln.

H saw hiz fothur in the garden nir the fens but didn't bothur t cawl him. H wuz obvusl prpring t m the lawn. H cd s the nbur'z cow in the med and the dens wdz byond. It smd a trivul matur but h awlwz lkt t s if ther wuz enting on the kichun tbul. Hiz wf mt rt a nt. Ther wuz a n novul ther, probubl hurz. It had a pkylyur simbul on the cuvur. The ttul sed sumting ubut nronz. H didn't n whut that wuz ubut but simpl didn't ker.

H dsded t rmv the lbul now frum the pakij h wuz kering. H hpt that Murtul wd not huhrs him ubut the cawst uv the n fur ct h had bawt hur. H had a ferl gd rpl. At lst it wuz pd for. And the furst uv the yir wuz awlmst hir and the er wuz cld.

H found the ppur partl pun, vur a cher. It had rnd in the morning. The ppur awfun got wet. H turnd the rd on but didn't ker for the siing.

H red ubut the scln which had awlmst hit the sivic sentur. The sk had lkt tretning. H gv a s. Ther wd hav bin the devul t p if the storm had bin wurs. The nolij md him wins. H tawt, "W ar s helples in the fs uv bad wethur." H gv sum tawt t slur powur, but clung t hiz yzhul rigur, which ment discsing this wit hiz wf bfr mking a dszhun. Sh ekspcted this cunsidurshun. H had bin tiking ubut mrjens powur and had an duh. Sum mezhur uv akshun mt b prdunt.