SRS4g Respell System Robert Boden October 21, 2005 SRS4g.htm



bob, cat/cop/cut, did, fit/if, gag, hot, jorj, kit/ken/kwik, lil, mum, nun, pop, ror,

sis, tot, valv, went, yes, zig/fiz


a pat,

e pet,

i pit,

o pot,

u pup, (uround, ubut, huhras, tnuh)


Where an initial ur is followed by a vowel the u is pronounced as a separate syllable.


uh is used at end of syllable or end of word for the sound of u








aw law



ou/ow out, mound, cow, powur

Use ow at end of word or before a vowel


oi/oy toil, boy, royul

Use oy at end of word or before a vowel


ar car,

er terus (terrace),

ir pir (pier),

or for,

ur urn, curij (courage), muthur.

ur has the sound in turn in the interior of a word or as an ending.


sing, siing, siur, figur, pink, piking, pikur

In multi-syllable words n with the sound in sing is always marked, except in an ing ending.



sh ship,

ch chip,

zh plezhur,

wh when,

th thin/then,

ah sahr (sorry), ah hah!

Use c for the sound in cat before a, o, and u. Use k for the sound in cat in all other places.


------- ------ ------ ------ ------

The Walker


H left the haur, went uround the bilding and past the nirb cuntrl towur. Hiz car wuz parkt a cupul bloks uw. H had comd doun sumwhut and wuz siing a sawng. It wuz a plezhur t b uln ugen. H wuz n lawgur agr at the duh that sumwun mt huhras him. H wuz just sahr. H thawt h wd engj sumwun t pt a shn on hiz car. H n a boy h wd b kn t d the wurk. (It wuz the knd uv toil the yung man lkt). H wuz lawing for a tawl drink th h wuz not much uv a dricur. H wuz hugr. The darknes inkrst. H cm upon an intursekshun and lethund hiz strd t get ukraws the strt mor rapidl. Incuming trafik wuz hev in this urbun eruh. H cd hir a baing sound and sum not ver gd lagwij frum a spot just vur the fens.


------- ------ ----- ----- ----- ----- ----


The Late Arrival

Bob strld up the path. H wuz lt and wuz cunsiduring hiz alub. H lisund t the uthur carz in the strt, heding hm. The dawg, with paw rzd, grted him at the dor. Molly cd awlwz tel when h urvd. Sh wuz a fthful krchur, and the sensitivit uv that nz wuz not a mith. The hous wuz kwet. H lkt doun at the vnul tl. It cd stand sum polish but h wd rizist the impuls t cumpln.

H saw hiz fothur in the gardun nir the fens but didun't bothur t cawl him. H wuz obvusl pripering t m the lawn. H cd s the nbur'z cow in the med and the dens wdz bond. It smd a trivul matur but h awlwz lkt t s if ther wuz enthing on the kichun tbul. Hiz wf mt rt a nt. Ther wuz a n novul ther, probubl hurz. It had a pikylyur simbul on the cuvur. The ttul sed sumthing ubout nronz. H didun't n whut that wuz ubout but simpl didun't ker.

H disded t rimv the lbul now frum the pakij h wuz kering. H hpt that Murtul wd not huras him ubout the cawst uv the n fur ct h had bawt hur. H had a ferl gd ripl. At lst it wuz pd for. And the furst uv the yir wuz awlmst hir and the er wuz cld.

H found the ppur partl pun, vur a cher. It had rnd in the morning. The ppur awfun got wet. H turnd the rd on but didun't ker for the siing.

H red ubout the skln which had awlmst hit the sivik sentur. The sk had lkt thretuning. H gv a s. Ther wd hav bin the devul t p if the storm had bin wurs. The nolij md him wins. H thawt, "W ar s helples in the fs uv bad wethur." H gv sum thawt t slur powur, but klung t hiz yzhul rigur, which ment discusing this with hiz wf bifor mking a disizhun. Sh ikspekted this cunsidurshun. H had bin thiking ubout imurjuns powur and had an duh. Sum mezhur uv akshun mt b prdunt.